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Welcome to our donation site!

We would like to personally thank you for even considering donating. All donations go back into our community.

The funds are used for things such as hosting, plugins, website updates and general upkeep.

No one here makes money from this server.


It's fully automatic, When you join the server it will be automatically applied to you.

We have multiple ways to fly. The most accessible is using lapis lazuli in your inventory as fuel and executing the command /fly! You can also win a Fly Token from crates or get flight perms with a donation on our web store!

Our ranks are MCMMO-based by meeting power level goals. Its displayed as a letter in your suffix. Use /ranks to see the leveling track and its rewards. Click the enchanting table at the top of the GUI to level up.This is separate from your title(prefix).

Titles are how we separate permissions. Everyone starts as Newcomer, then moves to Prospect title when they pass through the spawn doorway. You can get the Citizen title from the Titles NPC at /warp town.

Our primary source of income is the Jobs plugin. You can have 3 job at the Citizen title level. There are cash vouchers in crates, and a player run Market at /warp market.